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MARSS can help you get on the road with free road ready courses and discounted driving lessons.

Road Ready Program

Our Road Ready program is free and can help you get your learner's license. This 6-week course teaches clients the essential knowledge required for students to start driving safely on roads in the ACT and the surrounding region. Our multilingual, certified instructors can take you all the way from learning the road rules to taking your Road Ready test.

Clients then undertake the Learner’s Knowledge test and, upon successful completion, they can get their Learner’s license and start driving lessons. We have had numerous participants successfully complete the course in the past few terms.

To join the program, come visit our Civic office or give us a call on (02) 6248 8577.

Learn to Drive Program

After you have your L's, our Learn to Drive program can provide you with discounted driving lessons with one of our multilingual, accredited driving instructors. 

To join the program, come visit our Civic office or give us a call on (02) 6248 8577.

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