At MARSS, we are doing everything we can to help those in our community most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Not only are we giving welfare calls to all of our past and present clients, we have also partnered with the Canberra Relief Network (CRN) among other organisations to help arrange the delivery or collection of food boxes.

If you or anyone you know is struggling financially or otherwise due to the coronavirus pandemic, don’t hesitate to call us for relief on (02) 6248 8577. All assistance is free and can be collected at the MARSS office or delivered right to your door.

If you need any information on COVID-19 in any language, please visit the ACTHealth COVID-19
website here
 for the most up-to-date and relevant information about the coronavirus. The page can be translated to a number of languages by clicking the box in the top right.

If you need translation services for any reason during this difficult time, please visit the Translating and Interpreting Services website here.

If you are in need of food or household supplies, please visit the Canberra Relief Network (CRN) website here, or call them on 1800 43 11 43. Alternatively, you may call the MARSS office on (02) 6248 8577 and we can assist you.

For general information about the coronavirus and current affairs in any language, you can visit the SBS Online Multilingual Portal here and download multilingual fact sheets here.