24th December, 2017

MARSS held an it's annual Christmas Party on the 21st of December. The program speeches by our CEO Dewani Bakkum, the Chairperson Andrew Alwast, and performances from our Choir and a client Bernard. We gave out certificates of appreciation for our generous volunteers, and gifts to our clients from Santa!


2nd October, 2017

During the holidays MARSS continued their well received school holiday programs from the previous semester. On the 11th of July SGP clients and their children were given a tour of the War Memorial. MARSS provided tickets to five lucky families to attend a Persian Music Concert from Afghanistan on 12 August and the clients really enjoyed the performance by the famous singers they adore.On the 29th of September clients ventured the Cockington Green Garden to enjoyed the delightful and fascinating display of meticulously handcrafted miniature buildings from around the world. 


26th June, 2017

MARSS held an afternoon tea to celebrate World Refugee Day on 21 June. The function was attended by about 120 MARSS clients, volunteers, Board members and staff. There was a musical performance by MARSS volunteer and musician Bernard Forjoe. In partnership with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) we also held a Refugee Week function at Albert Hall on 23 June. The event was attended by about 250 people including VIPs and MARSS clients and staff. MARSS thanks UNHCR Canberra Regional Office for the opportunity to collaboratively organise this successful event.


8th May, 2017

During the autumn school holidays MARSS organised 3 holiday programs which were well received by the clients. Their visit to the Canberra Reptile Zoo on the 19th of April was full of surprises, and the Easter Egg Hunt that followed the next day was a hit. SGP clients and their children were hooked on to the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex on the 24th of April. 


2nd April, 2017

Harmony Day, March 21, celebrates Australia's cultural diversity. MARSS enjoyed celebrating Harmony Day 2017 by showcasing the diversity within our organisation by holding a Harmony Day lunch where everyone brought a plate of food to share. MARSS is fortunate to host a culturally diverse workforce, representing over 10 distinct ethnic groups across our staff and Board of Management.

The Harmony Sports Carnival was held at the Australian Institute of Sport on 18 March 2017. It was great to see  MLAs Rachael Stephen-Smith, Elizabeth Kikkert, ELizabeth Lee, Bec Cody and Alistair Coe attend and officially open the carnival to all the participants and their families. The Carnival saw round robin competitions held for men's and women's basketball, mixed volleyball and men's futsal. 

The HSP program provides young people with an opportunity to learn new skills, enhance current skills and be physically active. It also builds strong intercultural relationships, breakdown stereotypes and build trust, respect and sense of belonging in this community of people who often experience isolation. It was great to see all of this in action on Saturday at the carnival.

MARSS is pleased to announce that the MARSS Harmony team was declared the winners in the men's basketball competition and the mixed volleyball competition. MARSS also congratulates the ANU team on their win in the futsal competition; and the Ginninderra Rats on their win in the Women Basketball competition. MARSS thanks all the participants, guests and volunteers for their involvement on Saturday. MARSS would like to thank Peter Knaus for his contribution to the Harmony Sports Program, and wish him all the best for the future.


12th March, 2018

On Friday 10th March, MARSS celebrated International Women's Day at our Waramanga Property with Board Members, Staff, clients and members of the Wider Canberra Community. MARSS was also honoured that Rachael Stephen-Smith MLA and Elizabeth Kikkert MLA could both attend this event.


Throughout the event, all attendees were treated to beautiful and moving performances by the ACT Chinese Association Ladies Dance Group and A Chorus of Women and an exhibit of the items made by the MARSS Arts and Crafts Group.  Everyone who attended the event partook in a lunch in the courtyard, and it was great to see all women coming together as one. 

MARSS would like to thank the Rachael Stephen- Smith MLA, Elizabeth Kikkert MLA, Raewyn Bastion, Deputy Chair of MARSS Board,  ACT Chinese Association Ladies dance Group, A Chorus for Women, and all the women who attend our successful International Women's Day Celebration

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