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Casework and Advocacy

Settlement Engagement and Transition Support - Client Services (SETS)

This program equips migrants, refugees and humanitarian entrants in their first five years in Australia with the knowledge and skills to identify, understand and take action to address their identified settlement needs through casework, advocacy, and referrals.

The program provides a range of programs, information sessions and one on one support based on the following 10 areas (National Settlement Services Outcomes Standards (NSSOS), Settlement Council of Australia 2021):

1. Education and Training

2. Employment

3. Health and Wellbeing

4. Housing

5. Language Services

6. Transport

7. Civic Participation

8. Family and Social Support

9. Justice

10. Finance

SETS Counselling Service

For eligible SETS clients above the age of 12, MARSS provides a counselling and support program in a safe and caring environment. Clients can access this program free of charge.

If you would like to access or want to know more about this program please contact our reception on (02) 6248 8577 or


For any services seeking to refer a client to the MARSS' SETS Program, please click on the 'Refer a Client' to access a referral form.  

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