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I had thought for some time that I wanted to do something in the community and I know a certain amount about English, so I decided that I wanted to volunteer. I volunteered and certainly never regretted it.

I do one to one tutoring with a student who came as a refugee from a very troubled part of Africa, and who is now settled in Australia. Think of anything you have heard that happens to refugees - and it has happened to her. All her English was picked up, so she had no knowledge of grammar or how to make a sentence, so she said to me at our first session, “I want to be able to speak correct English, so I can help other women in my situation.” Her English has improved beyond recognition and in the process we’ve become incredibly good friends. 

I think one of the best aspects of tutoring is being taken into the life and experience of another person from a completely different culture and background. I have always found this very moving. My student has learned more English, but I have also learned a huge amount about her country, about the challenges faced by women like her. It has opened and enlarged my thinking in so many ways.

- Margaret Lancaster
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