Humanitarian Settlement Services

Nowadays lots of Iraqi families come to Australia; I try to help them to not feel alone. It is very difficult for refugees who come here to Australia and they don’t know anything, ANYTHING. Going shopping, catching the bus, even going home, things that we take for granted are often very difficult for people who are new to the country.

It is hard work to be a volunteer, but I like helping people. I don’t want them to feel like there is nobody to help them. Some of them live with me in the same road so when I go somewhere, I call them. “Do you want to go with me to this place to show you something new?” If they are a very new family, and they need to go to Centrelink to get money for food, I take them with me. Sometimes I go to the church and take them with me. I am sort of the neighborhood ambassador to Australia.

- Aula Al-Windawai
  Volunteer for the Humanitarian Settlement Services

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