Tuggeranong Conversation Group Botanical Gardens Trip

The wonderful women in the MARSS Tuggeranong conversation group are diverse in their cultural and language backgrounds. They have come to Canberra from Lebanon, Egypt, Iran,   Poland, Argentina, China and Cambodia. Many of them have been attending  the conversation class for a number of years and are a close knit group who support each other throughout their English language journey.

Our trip to the botanic gardens was planned with lots of discussion and a great deal of enthusiasm. It was the first trip that the group had been on and the first time that they had visited Canberra's National Botanic Gardens. They were surprised to learn that only Australian native plants are grown there, so it was a first in many ways.

Our trip would not have been possible without the assistance of the volunteer teachers Margaret Willis and Ursula Cliff. We were also supported at the gardens by two volunteers, Pam and Lee, who were very knowledgeable "Friends of the Botanic gardens" guides. Each guide took a small group and we walked through the rainforest, rockery and along paths looking at eucalypts, banksias, fungi, pines and palms and many Autumn flowering plants. Our guides were great and turned our walk into easy to understand information sessions.