Harmony Day Sports Carnival

This year’s annual Harmony Day Sports Carnival was held on Saturday the 16th of April, at the AIS Basketball and Netball courts in Bruce. There were over 100 people in attendance with about 75 competitors representing 13 teams from various clubs in the ACT. In the tournament there were 4 basketball teams, 5 futsal teams and 4 volleyball teams, with MARSS fielding a futsal, volleyball and basketball team.  Minister Shane Rattenbury, Kris Kala from the Department of Social Services and Juan de La Torre from the MARSS board all attended and officially kicked off the tournament before presenting awards and gift bags to all participants.

The day was a fantastic success, with close competition on all courts, and two Harmony teams making it into the finals. MARSS supplied a barbeque lunch and refreshments throughout the day to all attendees, with a great deal of feedback recorded regarding the success and enjoyment of the tournament by all involved.

The MARSS Team Harmony Basketball team played incredibly well throughout the day, winning two out of their three matches. Harmony Team were victorious against the AFP and Griffin hall teams, however were defeated by the Big Bangs team in the heats. The Big Bangs are a basketball club filled predominantly by ex-harmony players, and so, as the Harmony team faced off against the Big Bangs yet again in the final, Team Harmony was eager for a fight. What followed was an incredibly close game, however, the Big Bangs narrowly defeated Team Harmony by 5 points, with the final score at 45 to 40.

The Harmony futsal team played strongly with a stunning victory over the Griffin Hall team with a final score of 6 to 2, however, the skill of the PCYC and both ANU teams shone through in subsequent games. As such, the final match was played between PCYC and a combined ANU team. PCYC was able to secure a crushing victory over ANU with a 5 to 0 end result, with some of the youngest players in the tournament scoring against the seasoned ANU side.

The Harmony volleyball team performed tremendously, with new additions to the team helping to power Harmony to victory over the ACT Dragons and Griffin Hall. The Harmony volleyball team met the ACT Dragons first team in the volleyball final, with the game going into the third set, which Team Harmony was just able to claw from the Dragons. As such, Team Harmony defeated the Dragons to win the volleyball tournament.