English for Living Excursion

The English for Living Program students and teachers went on an educational excursion to The National Museum of Australia. The Museum is devoted to telling great stories about Australia. The excursion provided a fascinating ending to the class’ activities of Term 1, especially after successful completion of a related English course entitled 'People in Australia's Past'. The multi award-winning National Museum, using new ideas and interactive displays, presented an       excellent opportunity to add value to this very popular English Program offered at MARSS.


The tour of the museum began at The Circa Theatre. All were in awe during this 16-minute audio visual experience taking the spectator on a journey through Australia's past and introducing them to the museum's collections. The Eternity gallery presented more insight into the remarkable achievements of two people studied in the program namely Kingsford Smith and his aeroplane Southern Cross, and Australian surgeon and humanitarian, Professor Fred Hollows. These heroes were two of thirty six prominent Australians who were studied during the English course that commenced in 2015. The tour ended with First Australians, the largest gallery at the National Museum. It features the histories and cultures of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The museum will truly be remembered by the MARSS English students as a place “where stories come alive.”